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Job Interview review: 9/10

Great interview, in terms of connection and straight up transparency. I used my Cold brew opener, who knew a drink could cause so many to smile (and jitter) at once. After giving my value and why story within the first 5 minutes (wrote them on my Iphone notes only minutes prior) Joe the sales Director immediately hopped off the zoom called me directly and said he would guide my application the rest of the way due to wanting me on his team (given I pass the final round).

Sounds like they're eager for good sales people, maybe even desperate, but I'm eager and desperate to sell- so we have a commonality.

This is not a long post given the interview was a pass within the first 10 minutes, I understand the internet or software sales people on the internet are not fans of the company but you can change anything or build a process to work around a problem, if one should arise I'll adjust and adapt. Joe described someone on the current team having a very similar archetype to me and how she munched quota already this month. That's who i want to speak with.

Other than that going to review what they sent over for next steps and go from there.

Strengths/Weaknesses on Call:

S = Rapport, Comedy, Value Story, Why Story

W = Questions at the end


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