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Day Overview 11/1

What a day, after a day, after a weekend of fun in the city of drunkenly love. NYC. Yes, the weekend in NYC was great but now I'm fighting off the voice of nerds from entering the cochlea of my eardrum. The last few weeks I've picked up a habit where my voice acts like I have snot dripping from my nose like an icicle parched up on a windowsill. Welcome to Austin I say, even now I listen to the echo of annoying tech people "do you have the speaker?" back and forth to each other like a Chinese ping pong national championship. The truth is today and for the upcoming future I'm content with a goal to achieve pure happiness again.

I'm focusing on building connections, a skill ironically that I have vehemently denied attention to in order to bolster.. other skills. Great strategy that's worked in the past but a recession tucked that to bed like a 4th grader doing math homework under the covers. The realization came to me speaking to my father who struggles with alot of skills but connections for sure. I've never been the one to get the job as caddy at the country club, the internship at my dad's friends bank, or the Fortune 500 company sales job. Everything I've got is from building connections on first meetings and letting myself shine in front of those evaluating. And it was the most gratifying feeling in the world, beating out those who came fro an advantageous scenario. This recession period has been the longest I've ever struggled finding work and doing my superpower of finding quick fixes. It was only when my father told me about one of his successful friends who, interestingly enough, isn't a friend of his anymore always getting a leg up from networking and being great at it. Lightbulb in the air time, I felt like the scene out of breaking bad when Jesse does heroin with Jane, being stopped in time and somewhat euphoric except I was thinking all about how I've turned my back on a skill that would have been my safety net the last four months.

Now I've been playing ball with making connections and connecting people with people. Feels like something I'd be good at anyway. WIth that I'm off to another call with a former coworker to talk about his trip with Ayahuasca and job searches.

Until tomorrow Blog.


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