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Day Overview 11/3

We're getting somewhere and for the last hour besides (checking out Mary Helen) I've been redoing some activities I used to overwhelmingly enjoy, yes very associated with watching Youtube videos on personality. The newest one I just watched was a Personality grader of Dutch Van Der Linde, one of my all time favorite leaders in film/movie/novel. From the analysis I gained fantastic insight on some things that have plagued me recently but also positives that have been present my entire life.

You already know I took about 5 personality tests too.

The one trait that caught my eyes more than a sundress being lifted from a sidewalk vent was Neuroticism. Sensitivity to negative emotion. Unless you are me reading this you know where we stand. Not the worst by any means but lightyears from the best. Naturally, (most likely from upbringing from Dad who is super neurotic), you score moderate-high. That ain't great and because it's hard to be n effective leader when your head's in the sand, especially if theres crabs there. Lucky for you though, you are naturally an open to experience which is great for creativity but also love to tie loose ends. This daily journaling is one of the ways to lower your score and I'm proud to announce that writing daily in the courtyard at 5:30 will be that repeating habit. Why?

Because you can knowkc that negative thinking out right here, as I writie this it's not overhwelmibg but even thinking about it, I feel it. A monster lurking in the shadows, like walking into a home and finding rodent feces, you don't see master splinter but you know he's present. That's the neurotic side, and I'm announcing on this journal we will work to lessesn your sensitivity to negative emotion, raise that self confidence by writing about it (to start).

It'll be difficult even as you write it's in the back of your head a list of what if's longer than congress' for dumb questions to ask tech entrepreneurs. There's alot to not freak out about but let's target some of those negative emotions and why you're feeling that way. We're going to address it here and now.

- No woman in your life and you frek out that you can't have a hot young blonde.

Just ridiculous. Have you seen yourself? Heard how many people comment positively on your look? Watch as most of the girls you speak with when you AREN'T neurotic smile as if they're speaking to a not hairy Fabio. There is absolutely no reason to have a concern with finding a mate. Your little race against time is just a figment of your imagination. It doesn't matter and let your life work itself out. No more of this Greg.

-No idea where you;re living in the next 60 days.

Understandable, but still you hold the cards. You have a home in NY, connections in Texas, and may even have a place to park your car if all goes to donkey shit. Plenty of productive things to do if you do decide to move back home. You also can kiss 4 digit rent goodbye. Yes uncertainty is scary but getting better reacting less-negaitvely to it will only help. Again you have family and are only a plane ride away. If you really want to tie up loose ends here, find your next home for you car. No more

-No idea your next job and worry about the gap on your resume

Fair but wasn't it you when you began your journey out west that said if you can convince anyone of anything you can get out of any situation with al the stones? Yep. If you continue being persuasive enough you can talk your way out of it- hellkeep up making stronger connections and the question won't even pop up, leave that to the poor souls giving their girlfriends of 5 years a lifelong contract ;). This is an ugly economy that will pass and you may be the most talented salesperson in the country, no joke. U=You love what you do and all it takes is one salesjob to throttle into high gear. Keep writing about ways to fix this, you'll be even better.

Time to take ations on these but good job dude. You'll be an even better write.



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