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Day Review 10/23

If /when I develop my own form of cognitive breakdown my birthday will be the first to go, I barely remember that thing as is. Today was good to great start to the week, the one item I had to complete, an offer call with my soon to be Director of sales, went swell especially when he gave me the number for a base salary that was above my negotiating point. Awesome stuff right there, the team needs to pick it up from the sound of it though. You could just tell with how the conversation went (and the fact theres more numbers of fingers on my right hand than sales reps under him) change must come and the quicker the better. Not an easy spot for the gracious Director either, being only a month into his new role after the last one's inevitable departure. I believe I'm one of the driving factors to embrace and aspire change at Braincheck. I like to cold call, gamify sales , and will be given software to track my results. Man life's good.

In the meantime reading Sandler could only help hit the ground running by November 15th or whenever my delayed start date is (98% sure the 15th). My social life will still need work between now and then, I even admitted it when calling my grandma earlier how that was the weak link for my stay in ATX. Weirdly, I wouldn't mind a girlfriend but I need two boxes checked= her to be drop dead gorgeous as I think all women are elegant in this area and would not want to disrespect a SO by having wandering eyes and of course for us to mesh well personality wise. No strategy yet here but joke writing which I haven't been doing is the Charlie-Wonka golden ticket to that promise land.

As I write this my stomach aches from the massive amount of food I've eaten at the food eating contest speed at which I do. Its gross and will get me in trouble health-wise down the road, mark my words. My knee is also messed up from fighting my old bar manager on hardwood floor *wrestling* fighting just sounds more rugged so I tell it that way. Only thing that's left is to wait and hear from my reference checks, reply to Maddie from Seamless once I do and solidify that damn offer letter. I really should and will stay on top of Braincheck for this, it's not right to leave a candidate in the dark that has fully committed and essentially tossed other offers out the proverbial window.

All for now, more to come,


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