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Day Review 10/22

Yep, doing these 5:30pm everyday from now on, if I won't talk to anyone I'll at least get my thoughts out on an offline blog. Day was quiet as usual but pretty fun football wise, went to HEB and inexplicably spent $83 dollars on groceries that seem like they'd be worth a fast food run amount of money. Only when it was too late did I realize I wanted to check the receipt due to the absolute robbery by a Texas grocery chain. Also, I crush on the girls that work there every time I go, made extended eye contact with a super pretty one as she watched over an old man in his wheelchair, lucky bastard.

I couldn't surmise any fun things to do during the day again, there has to be something in this city to do during the day besides dog parks, bike rides, hiking and if youre a guy, porn. I need to find out what. What I did do was pre-heat the oven to 400 which is the only natural routine I have in my life nowadays, that action spirals into prepping the frozen pizza and sitting on my couch for the next 7 hours of commercial free football. I want to do so much more than this, I'm talking going to brunch with people, talking about ideas, telling jokes. Where are my people? I have no idea who I match up with well, I take novelty interest in so many things it's hard to choose and seems even harder to build relationships.

The relationship I'm looking towards is a FWB essentially a girl to take out and do this shit with. That's probably why this is a tough area to be single in. I wasn't for about 3 months but the girl I was with, just wasn't a match and I like that I wasn't a douche with leading her on and cheating. Question is how do I build a circle out here? Job is one way- that starts November 15th, 3 weeks. Depending on my starting salary I could opt to pay for some club or daytime activity like yoga where I could meet people and take interest in the actual activity. I also have been fantasizing about fame, obtaining it. I mean you just inherit a social group from that it seems, and you wouldn't be a stranger to anyone with being recognized. I felt that way in college and it was pretty awesome. Who knows we'll figure it out but I do want to keep up the comedy and joke wriitng as those make my communication seamless with others and gets me out of trouble if I find a way into it, martial arts is another idea- but only if the price is right. Good start and this journal could prove helpful once again.

Signing out again, but cheers to the 5:30 writing squad.

Greg out.

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