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Life, it is the toughest game I've played easily.

It's twists that are unexpected as a monsoon in West Texas during the summer. There's no taking your foot off the gas in this game, no margin for conservatism and if so get ready for despair.

And distraction apparently as I half- heartedly full of melancholy write a draft to who may or may not be my boss for months and years to come. The reason behind my writing today? A dark twist where I underestimated those who live on this planet among me, coworkers new and old, neighbors, whoever. Going to measures to achieve their own form of vengeance (in this case) I didn't think possible.

Doing their best to squander a future opportunity through fiction storytelling and the same badmouthing that had me terminated. A made up story with the perfect components of a someone not to hire- this one is apparently me, drunk in a parking garage starting fight with a security guard, while drunk is how the story goes apparently. Not even sure if my dreams get that crazy. A fatal twist and mistake by a big named company, and just plain deceitful, if that is I choose to obtain what I need and shut that offensive down.

A large part of that will be determined by if I get the job offer on the table or not. I would have to lean no for my own protection of high expectations. Also my continuing trend of making mistakes by saying doing too much. A bad habit but this heartache is from those same mistakes. For now I can only prepare for the worst while figuring out next moves.

At least I write like a novelist now, I'm still torn from this and making mistakes doesn't help.

Priority List:


Clear up Braincheck, get an answer/the job

Get Job

Prospect new companies/ get another job in tech- or retail as a side sales job.

Everyone close to you is right, head up you're in the home stretch.


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